You personality has one primary Advantage. It’s how you add value. It’s what makes you different and better. Think of it like a natural superpower for your personality. When you communicate using the Advantage, you earn more attention, and more revenue. With just 28 short questions, the Fascination Personality Test will identify your primary Advantage, and reveal your personality Archetype.


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Your hidden talents, your highest worth, your unrealized potential - the best parts of you might not have been obvious to you before. But now they can be. And with that knowledge, you can use your Fascination Advantages to grow your life, your team and your career.

You’re 28 questions away from discovering how you are most likely to impress and influence.
  • Incite action
  • Influence opinions
  • Conquer the competition
  • Wow the client
  • Ace the pitch
  • Pique curiosity

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

  • Would you like to learn how to stand out and get the recognition you deserve?
  • How do others perceive you at your best?
  • What are your qualities and genuine strengths?
  • Have you ever considered how you show up with your family , friends, coworkers, and employers?
  • Do you know how important it is to show up as a professional consistently?
  • Do you understand how important having clear vision is to your professional growth and success?
  • Do you run when asked to speak in front of your peers?
  • Do you shy away from being a leader?
  • Do you lack the confidence and the ability to move forward?
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Here's the process:

  1. Register by clicking the button below.
  2. An introduction email will be sent with the 1st phase which is the online Assessment - 28 questions, approximately 10 minutes.
  3.  An hour of personalized debrief session will take place via 3CX system. 
  4.  Bound Assessment and Workbook sent to Student.
  5.  Aishling and student will develop an anthem/elevator speech for each students based on their individual assessment.
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We will help you utilize your Fascination Profile and incorporate them into your Business Portfolio and Social Platforms!

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