Dementia has a face and a name

An innovative cutting edge training course that everyone needs to take to enhance their skills for dementia care. Dementia has a face and name was created from Aishling personal journey with her mother.

Aishling learned that every individual with dementia has a face and a name. An individual’s feeling, likes and dislikes never fades despite their dementia and knowing these vitally important components makes the difference in care delivered by the care givers, family members, for the person diagnosed with dementia.

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In the care we provide we oftentimes miss that person-to-person care necessary for our success in delivering the most compassionate dignified respectful care. This course is guaranteed to give you the knowledge and skill set to provide care with meaning and understanding for your self most importantly and your lived one with the disease.

A thought provoking 9-hour course that takes the learner from the very beginning of the journey with a person with dementia. Aishling narrates the entire course herself, and with the use of amazing graphics, and videography makes this learning experience exciting, innovative and engaging. After this course you will completely understand how to deliver professional dementia care to a person with dementia.

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